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  • Mindful Intent

    Mindful Intent

    Entering the unsuspecting path marked with a red x,Walking through doors leading to destined answers.Uniting a forgotten community with a warm smile,Holding tight to dreams leading to this very moment. Knocking out fear with a determined victorious fight,Advocating for the voiceless holding pent up trauma.Discovering powerful allies through common ground,Promoting healing amidst every youthful nightmare.…

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  • Visionary Glow

    Visionary Glow

    Overlooking the horizon with courageous bloom,Transforming a past short-hand into life’s royal flush.Thanking the Earth for every ground breaking lesson,Turning over a new leaf with mindful experience. Saying goodbye to the echoing of cowardly doubt,Looking straight ahead with unfaltering confidence.Overcoming every adversity with intentional poise,Quietly leading the way to victorious resilience. Lowering tirelessly into the…

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  • Building Today Together

    Building Today Together

    The looming combined force of heart and spirit,Speaking truth through spiraling fallen outcomes.Discovering strength within perseverance of love,Looking to the sky for a solution of fearless growth. Acknowledging nearby the uncertainty of tomorrowThankful for every moment of His short lived gift.Sprinkling fertilizer with a graceful slow growthTaking time to mend the garden of future steps.…

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  • A Striking Spectacle

    A Striking Spectacle

    Naturally soft as a tulip’s petal,Presumed to be amicably spoken.Gentle with approach and tone,Witty and sometimes decomposed. Weaving lines of blissful heartache,Craving droplets of rain to bathe in.Sinking deeper with heightened views,Releasing tension with a fiery blaze. Growing past the initial garden of distrust,Relinquishing with thoughtful assurance.Discredited at a glance from passing bystanders,A striking spectacle…

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